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A Life Without Headaches Is One Phone Call Away.

You don't know what you don't know. There are many different reasons a Migraine can be triggered, however there might be a very simple solution that could allow you to have a life without headaches.

Atlas Misalignment = Pain and Sickness  :  Atlas Adjustment=Health & Vitality

Its quite simple…. when the atlas is misaligned (subluxated) is causes distortion at the brainstem and has a harmful effect on the nerve system and restricts blood flow to the brain.  Numerous “conditions” are simply symptoms of an atlas misalignment and a poorly functioning nerve system.   When the atlas is professionally evaluated and the atlas misalignment (subluxation) is correct, the results can be immediate and dramatic.  The improved nerve system function, improved health, and enhanced quality of life are very rewarding and often attainable.   Everyday at Young Chiropractic people with neck pain,  arm pain, lower back, headaches, and migraines are getting tremendous relief  thanks to Dr.Young and the generations of amazing chiropractors before him who researched and developed the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.

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